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Linda Falorio is an internationally recognized artist and writer, and creator of the Occult bestseller, The Shadow Tarot. This twenty-two card major-arcana tarot has been distributed in countries all around the world, and is in use on every continent of the planet. The Shadow Tarot was created as an exploration tool for delving into those areas of the psyche that find their reflection in the Collective Unconscious, and the Archetypal Shadow. The images represent the Nightside of Consciousness as opposed to our ordinary "dayside" reality. The artist is also known for her magickal altar-pieces, for magickal portraits, and for interpreting personal symbols and dreams on canvas.

"My intention as an Artist and Stellar Sorcerer is to bring into focus symbolic and mythic themes of the Collective Unconscious, transmuting dark atavisms of the distant human-prehuman past into newly emerging far-future human selves. I seek to create a direct outré experience in the viewer of these transforming states of self-awareness; to open Gates into vast, unexplored inner geographies of the psyche, finding beauty and power in the twistings and turnings of the Inner Labyrinth. I seek to tread the path of the Shaman into the realm of the ancient Ones, to reconnect with the primordial heritage of power sucked from the bowels of the earth, to reclaim the power of the Dark Feminine within, to find and express the Magick of the Transpersonal Shadow. I seek, through the spark of Art, to delight and to inspire, to mold Archetypes of human consciousness into new and visionary forms, evolving new Goddesses and Gods, inventing new dreams, reaching for Utopian Magicks that together we may yet create. I seek, through Art, nothing less than the Magick of Self-Transformation."

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